The New York Times

Event Subscription Sales Program


Educated Men/Women 25-54 who are news enthusiasts.


Create an event program that builds brand awareness, increases the customer base by driving home delivery and digital subscription sales, and generates revenue. The program launched in 2007 and through years of success has stood out as one of the most important subscription acquisition program for the newspaper.

Work Scope

On behalf of the program, OTA:

  • Develops and manages the multi-million dollar budget
  • Creates monthly subscription sales forecasts and tracks results
  • Researches and books events
  • Negotiates sponsorships and partnerships with venues, media companies, and retail stores
  • Hires and trains subcsription sales representatives and brand ambassadors
  • Designs and produces signage and booth components, including technology needs
  • Coordinates booth shipping and handling details, as well as travel arrangements
  • Designs and produces promotional products
  • Prospects opportunities in new target markets
  • Acts as liaison between NYT Corporate and third party marketing venues
  • Develops and executes consumer promotions


On average, attends 60+ events weekly throughout the U.S. and mobilizes 100+ subscription sales representatives and brand ambassadors

In 2013 alone these efforts generated more than 60,000 home delivery and 20,000 digital subscription sales